Persian rug Tabriz

350 x 251 cm
5,483,900Ft 3,290,340Ft -40%
Ex Tax: 2,590,819Ft

Product details

  • Product Code: M128109
  • Availability: Delivery within 1 week
  • Age: Worn
  • Pattern: Mahi
  • Warp: Cotton
  • Country of origin: Iran
  • Material: Wool & Silk
  • Colour: Blue / Turquoise
  • Knots / m2: 550.000


Persian rug Tabriz

Tabriz is a very high quality and finely knotted carpet. Made of wool and silk. The knot density is approximately 400 000 - 1 000 000 knots per m². The perfectly processed wool allows very fine floral patterns to be knotted. These luxurious carpets are sometimes signed by masters. The use of a blend of silk and the finest wool makes the carpet a real gem, difficult to describe in words. These carpets are very resistant and therefore durable. We issue a certificate of authenticity for each carpet.


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